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Any location, working remotely


Immediate starts available

Employment Type: 

These are freelance positions, but with regular, ongoing assignments.


  • Scaled based on experience, qualifications and productivity.
  • Remuneration will be included in any offer made after we review your application and trial.

Job description: 

MHT Corporation has positions available for experienced translators able to work from Japanese into English, from English into Japanese, or both ways. We are especially looking for people with a background working with financial, legal or IT documents, although we welcome applications in all specializations. Translators who have experienced in writing English for reports, journal submissions and other publications are especially welcome.

This is a remote work position, which means you can work in any location. We offer very regular work, and so seek freelance translators who have substantial availability and can make a significant time commitment. This should be attractive to translators who wish to enjoy the benefits of remote work, but who would also like a degree of earnings stability.

We calculate your translation rate based on your experience and qualifications. We will advise you of your starting rate in any offer we make after reviewing your application and your trial translations. We may also increase your rate over time, as you become more familiar with the type of work we do.

We work using our own online translation system, and if accepted you will be provided with a login for that system plus the necessary guidance on how to use it. Most translation is done using this system, although there may be times when it may done using Microsoft Office products.

About MHT Corporation: 

You can find out more about our company from this site. We have been providing translation services since 1990, and now serve more than 2000 regular clients.


To apply for this position, please follow the instructions in the How to Apply section shown at right. If you have any questions about the position, please feel free to include them in your email, and we will respond.

The deadline for applications for the positions we currently have available. Please note because we are growing rapidly, we welcome applications from translators at any time, but we cannot always guarantee that positions will be immediately available.

About the Trials: We have chosen trials that closely reflect the work we actually do. Please note the following.

  1. These trials are not real jobs. To protect the confidentiality of our clients, they have been "manufactured." We have taken every care to ensure that the content is plausible.
  2. Experienced translators will know that one of the greatest difficulties in translation is lack of context. That applies with these trials, which have deliberately been prepared in "extract" format.
  3. You may include questions or comments in translated work, although we recommend that you don't overdo it. We believe that the ability to solve questions is part of the translator's skill set.
  4. Please assume that your readership consists of professionals in the subject matter.
  5. Please do not email us with questions about the trials.



How to Apply:  To apply for this position, please follow the steps below.

  1. Download and complete at least two (2) trials from the appropriate selection below:
    Trials Japanese to English:  Trials English to Japanese: 
  2. Attaching your CV and relative information then contact us via form below.
    Your name and E-mail are required. Phone number is optional.
Phone number example: 0367217600
Please archive your file(s) in "a single .zip file." We recommence you use your first name as a zip's file name. Example : your name is John. your zip file should be named Fields marked with an * are required.
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