Stakeholders today increasingly view companies in terms of social as well as economic implications. Climate change, pollution, food safety, product liability, privacy, employment law, governance, and disclosure are all issues that have emerged in recent years to dominate community discourse about the corporate sector. In response, you need to effectively communicate to your stakeholders what you are doing to fulfill your corporate social responsibility (CSR).

As the publisher of CSR Magazine, MHT Corporation combines a tremendous interest with considerable expertise in this subject.

We work with some of the world’s best CSR writers to cover every issue from carbon reporting to the latest regulations.
We understand the imperative and we know the content.

We can assist you in ensuring that your stakeholders—both foreign and domestic—understand your commitment to good governance, to preserving the environment, to protecting privacy and to contributing to your community. No matter what the language, we'll produce clear and readable documents that effectively convey your policies to the right audience.