Multilingual Narration & Multimedia

The use of the Web as a communications tool makes it easier than ever before to convey information in formats that engage the user and reinforce the message.

For example, a company wishing to provide product training materials in the past may have relied on paper-based text accompanied by similar illustrations. The same company now has the option to provide online training tools, which might include moving and still animations, audio narration, rich graphics, and text. And with the Internet, this content can now be delivered to anyone, anywhere.

But multimedia is not of value if it is not delivered in the user's language. This is where MHT Corporation can help. Combining our capabilities in language, design, and development, we can localize your existing multimedia content or create foreign-language content for you. From translating text, to recording foreign-language narrations, to creating culturally appropriate graphics, our comprehensive services will ensure a fast, cost-effective, one-stop service.

We have particular experience in developing multimedia content for e-learning, with services that range from instructional design to the creation of highly interactive modules that take full advantage of the potential of online learning.