Language Services

Let's say your organization wants to do business in an overseas market, where the language is different.
You may instinctively recognize (and studies will confirm) that you will be more likely to succeed in this new market if you do business in the local language.

That might require you to translate information about your organization and its products and services-brochures, press releases, legal documents, product specifications and the like. You might need to localize your product, creating a version that fits the language and cultural environment of your new market.

You might also decide to create a new language version of your website, and perhaps also offer online services in the new language. Perhaps you require interpreting services when you actually visit the new market yourself. You might need to create foreign-language multimedia, including audio and video, for product demonstrations or Web-based training. And you might seek to communicate with local representatives and customers in their language on an ongoing basis, perhaps using email.

MHT Corporation offers a comprehensive lineup of services that will help you meet these and other language-related needs. We call them "Language Services."