Editing & Writing

MHT Corporation offers editing and rewriting services on virtually any subject matter in most major languages. Our editors have extensive experience in their fields and edit your work to meet the demands of your target audience. A good edit helps you get your message across clearly and precisely. This reflects the importance you place on being understood by your potential customers, and on market acceptance.

A careful edit also lends a uniformity and consistency to your corporate image.

We check the logic of the writing and ensure consistency within the document (in such areas as personal names, proper nouns, brand names, as well as references to illustrations and tables).

On large-scale multivolume or repeat work, we will also ensure consistency between chapters, as well as different editions or volumes. We also help you compile style sheets and glossaries, to provide client, translator and all involved in the project with a common base to which they can refer.

Technical and Copy Writing

We work with a team of corporate communications specialists dedicated to making you appear as good as you are. Our technical writers have hands on experience, and can produce the product you need, whether it be an in-depth technical or service manual for other professionals, or a simple-to-read, easy-to-follow style of writing for user manuals. We can also provide you with culturally sensitive copy writing to give your product the edge in its new market.