Investor Relations Online

Companies today are increasingly using the Web for investor relations. The advantages are obvious: reduced cost of disclosure, the ability to reach audiences in near real time, the ability to interact with stakeholders, for example through online registrations, and the potential for creating attractive content.

Of course, maintaining IR disclosure online demands a constant commitment to keeping your website updated, a commitment that is compounded when communicating with foreign language audiences.

MHT Corporation offers the solution. We can combine our technical and design expertise with our ability to create and translate IR documents to give you a one-stop service. We'll not only create the documents in the language of your choice, we'll also convert them to the format of your choice, with any necessary layout and graphic design.

With foreign investors accounting for an ever greater share of the Japanese stock market, now is the time to ensure that you are communicating with all stakeholders in their languages, at the same time.

Of course, if you have not yet gotten around to creating the IR section of your website or if you want to update or localize an existing site, then MHT Corporation again should be your first choice. We offer services that encompass every stage of the process from planning and designing your online IR section to ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

For more information about our Online IR Services, please contact us here.