Multilingual Websites

For companies operating internationally,
the Web offers tantalizing potential for reaching new markets and for reducing market entry costs.

Yet remarkably few companies have a truly international website, catering to each of their markets.

The reason for this is that building an internationalized website or localizing an existing website has traditionally been a costly, time-consuming, and frustrating exercise for the client. Those companies that excel in the programming and design elements of website development usually have no expertise in the language and localization aspects, while few specialist language companies have competent Web developers in house. For clients, that has often meant maximum outlays for sub-standard results.

MHT Corporation has been committed to resolving this problem. We have put together teams of programmers, designers, and translators, with the result that we truly integrate language, design, and technical expertise. For our clients, that means not only the ability to develop first-class websites in their native language, but that the critical internationalization aspects are considered at every stage of the process, with the result that building a website geared for international markets is no more difficult than building a site for the domestic market.